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Submitted on
October 21, 2006
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This is the way you should break my heart.

Firstly, you have to call me over the phone, since we're both too cowardly to see eachother's faces. Call on a weekend, perferably a Friday night so I can cope over the weekend and stay home that night to curl under the covers.

Tell me, "We had great times but-" then pause, and let me say "But what? Are you breaking up with me?" Say this, "No no no, I'm not...well...yes and no. I really like you but-" pause again because you don't know why you're doing this. "But what?" I will persist. "Is there someone else? Is it something I did? What?" Sense that I am growing angry, and imagine my face contorting to hold back tears. Decide I am ugly. Hate me for it. Do not say "It's not you, it's me." because that's cliche and you're original. Do not say it's someone else, because that will send me into a jealous rage, and you wouldn't want that. Do not tell me we're just too different, because I love you and despite my stubbornness, I would change for you. Oh and please, please, do not say we can still be friends, because we both know we will not be friends.

Make something up, better do it quick because I'll hang up in a fit of depression if you don't. Tell me this: "I had lots of fun with you, you're so great. But...I don't think we're right for eachother."
I will come back with a sad, small. "Oh. I see." Feel bad. Grow quite. I will do the same. In a while, I will come back to you, through tears I will say. "Okay. Well, I have to go then. " and you will say, " I really do love you-" and then pause again. "Good bye."

Hang up before I can say good bye. Leave me listening to the dial tone. I'll wait till I hear "If you'd like to make a call..." and then I'll click the phone off. Oh, make sure I'm in my bed too, so I can just roll over, pull the cover over my head and sob. Okay? And if you could do this for me, some how manage to get all your posession from me-descretly before I know you're going to break my heart. Give me my stuff back too, okay?

And then, when you see me later, with a forced smile. Don't say anthing. Don't look at me. Don't even say you're sorry. If we share friends, I'll back away, no need for them to chose, right? Oh, another thing. Don't tell anyone about the great, or, not so great sex we had.

If you break my heart like this, I'll be ready for it. And you won't hurt me so bad, you...don't want to hurt me right? Well, if you do decided to do it this way, I'll be greatful, and not pine over you, and I won't listen to our song on repeat, and I won't leave you messages of how I still love you.

I'll be waiting by the phone on Friday. If you need to, you can just read off of this. Hell, I'm making this easy for you. Okay? Talk to you then.

Edit: 5.4.08
I think this is the one of the worst things I've ever written. I hate it more each time I read it, so I've stopped. If you consider favoriting it, PLEASE, take a look through my gallery, there is so much more that's actually WORTH reading than this. Though you are entitled to your opinion, and I appreciate any support.

Thanks. <3
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kayla15783 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i find this to be amazing, i wish my ex had said this to would have still hurt like hell but at least he would have made me feel less like nothing and not have lied...
Veo33 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
To be honest, this work is completely fiction, and I can't even remember what kind of mindset I must have been in to write it. I feel both proud, and sad that so many young women can relate to it. I hope your hurting doesn't last long, and that you find someone who truly appreciates you and helps you grow.
vivienami Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
happened to me yesterday (: absolutely destroyed my weekend.. ):
Veo33 Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
:( I'm very sorry to hear that. Things will get better.
vivienami Featured By Owner May 23, 2011
i hope so (: thank you !
i wish my ex could have reead this i wish he could have left me like this then maybe i wouldnt feel how i feel right now..... and by the way i think it was awesome
Veo33 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
I'm very sorry for your current situation. The only advice I can offer is that it will get better. This piece is very old, and I'm glad you enjoy it. It would be the ideal break up. haha.

I think though, no matter how someone leaves you, you'll still feel empty when they're gone.
thankz and it would be the ideal break up lol....
Mizuki-Anya Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i hate the 'its not you its me' thing cuz you know its yourself, why else would they do it?
Veo33 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
It took me a second to understand you comment.

The person saying it usually doesn't feel the same way anymore, so it's them. It's the speaker's mind who has changed, the speaker who doesn't want the relationship. That is why it is them, and not you. You didn't do anything wrong, they just want something different.
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